1 Timothy 5



1 Timothy 5 provides practical instructions for the treatment of widows, guidance on the care and honor of elders, and personal advice for Timothy. The chapter underscores the importance of balanced and fair care for various members of the church community.


  1. Treatment of Widows (1 Timothy 5:1-16): Paul gives detailed guidelines for how the church should care for widows. He encourages the younger widows to marry and manage their households, rather than becoming dependent on the church. The church should support widows who are truly in need and have no other means of support. Paul emphasizes the importance of family responsibility and the priority of caring for one's own relatives.
  2. Elders and Their Treatment (1 Timothy 5:17-25): Paul discusses the honor and care due to elders who labor in preaching and teaching. He encourages the church to financially support those elders who serve well. Paul also addresses the issue of accusations against elders, emphasizing the need for fair judgment and caution in receiving accusations. He advises Timothy not to be hasty in laying hands on anyone for leadership positions.
  3. Advice to Timothy (1 Timothy 5:23-25): In a more personal note, Paul gives Timothy practical advice, including the use of a little wine for his stomach ailments and the fact that people's sins will become evident over time, either preceding them or following them.