2 Corinthians 10



2 Corinthians 10 addresses the challenge to Paul's authority and the criticisms against his ministry. Paul asserts his authority is from Christ and that his weapons are spiritual. He defends the authenticity of his ministry, urging the Corinthians to recognize the true measure of authority and impact in the context of God's standards, not worldly evaluations.


  1. The Nature of Paul's Authority (2 Corinthians 10:1-6): Paul begins by asserting that, although he is meek in person, he does have authority in Christ. He defends his apostolic authority and emphasizes the spiritual nature of the warfare he engages in for the sake of the Gospel. His weapons are not of the world but are empowered by God for the destruction of strongholds.
  2. Paul's Critics and the Standard of Measurement (2 Corinthians 10:7-18): Paul responds to accusations that he is unimpressive in person and that his letters are weighty but lacking in substance. He contends that his authority and ministry are not to be measured by outward appearances but by the impact of his work and the obedience of the Corinthians to the Gospel. He contrasts his ministry with that of those who boast in themselves, stressing that those who boast should boast in the Lord.