3 John 1



3 John is a short letter that commends Gaius for his hospitality and support of traveling missionaries, contrasts positive and negative examples within the church (Demetrius and Diotrephes), and closes with a desire for personal visitation and a blessing of peace and grace.


  1. Greetings and Commendation (3 John 1:1-4): The letter begins with the author, traditionally believed to be the Apostle John, addressing a man named Gaius. John commends Gaius for his faithfulness and hospitality, expressing joy that he is walking in the truth.
  2. Support for Fellow Workers (3 John 1:5-8): John acknowledges Gaius's hospitality toward traveling missionaries who are spreading the Gospel. He encourages continued support for such workers, emphasizing the importance of participating in their ministry.
  3. Negative Example: Diotrephes (3 John 1:9-10): John mentions a negative example in the church named Diotrephes, who opposes the authority of the apostles and refuses to welcome traveling missionaries. John expresses his intention to address this issue when he visits.
  4. Positive Example: Demetrius (3 John 1:11-12): John commends Demetrius as a good example, bearing witness to his good reputation and commitment to the truth. He encourages Gaius to imitate what is good.
  5. Closing Words and Benediction (3 John 1:13-14): The letter concludes with John expressing his desire to see Gaius in person. He sends greetings from friends and closes with a benediction invoking peace and grace.