Acts 10



This chapter is a pivotal moment in the Book of Acts as it highlights the expansion of the gospel beyond the Jewish community to the Gentiles. The visions of Cornelius and Peter, along with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles, challenge traditional distinctions and demonstrate God's inclusive plan for salvation.


  1. Cornelius' Vision and Peter's Vision (Acts 10:1-23): Cornelius, a Roman centurion, has a vision in which an angel instructs him to send for Peter. Meanwhile, Peter has a vision of a sheet descending from heaven containing various animals, both clean and unclean. A voice tells Peter to kill and eat, but Peter refuses, as some of the animals are considered unclean. The voice responds that God has made them clean. This happens three times, emphasizing a change in dietary restrictions.
  2. Peter Visits Cornelius (Acts 10:24-48): Cornelius' messengers arrive at Peter's house, and the Spirit tells Peter to go with them. Peter goes to Cornelius' house, where he learns about Cornelius' vision and realizes that God shows no partiality. Peter preaches the gospel to Cornelius and his household, and while he speaks, the Holy Spirit falls on all who hear the word. Witnessing this, Peter baptizes Cornelius and his household, recognizing that God's salvation is for the Gentiles as well.
  3. The Gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 10:44-48): Peter returns to Jerusalem, and some Jewish believers question his actions. Peter explains the visions and how God granted the Gentiles repentance leading to life. The church in Jerusalem accepts the inclusion of the Gentiles, acknowledging that God has granted them the same repentance and salvation as the Jews.