Acts 12



In summary, Acts 12 depicts the martyrdom of James, the arrest and miraculous escape of Peter, and the subsequent downfall of Herod Agrippa I. This chapter underscores the challenges faced by the early Christians, the power of prayer, and the continued expansion of the Christian movement despite persecution.


  1. James' Martyrdom and Peter's Arrest (Acts 12:1-5): King Herod Agrippa I, seeking to please the Jews, arrests James, the brother of John, and has him executed. Seeing that this pleases the Jewish leaders, Herod proceeds to arrest Peter to put him on trial after Passover.
  2. Peter's Miraculous Escape (Acts 12:6-19): While Peter is in prison, an angel appears, awakening him and leading him past guards and through locked gates to freedom. Peter, initially thinking it's a vision, realizes he has been miraculously released. He goes to the house of Mary, where believers are gathered and praying for him. Rhoda, a servant girl, is surprised to see Peter at the door and leaves him outside.
  3. Herod's Death (Acts 12:20-25): In Tyre and Sidon, Herod receives praise as a god. However, he does not give glory to God, and an angel strikes him down, causing his death. The Word of God continues to spread and flourish.