Acts 20



Acts 20 highlights Paul's travels, including the incident in Troas with Eutychus, and his poignant farewell address to the Ephesian elders. This chapter captures the ongoing challenges faced by Paul in his missionary journeys and the deep relationships he forged with the early Christian communities.


  1. Journey Through Macedonia and Greece (Acts 20:1-6): Paul travels through Macedonia and Greece, encouraging believers and spending time with them. In Troas, he stays for seven days, and on the first day of the week, the disciples gather to break bread. Paul, intending to leave the next day, speaks to them until midnight.
  2. Eutychus Raised from the Dead (Acts 20:7-12): While Paul is preaching in an upper room in Troas, a young man named Eutychus falls asleep, falls from the window, and is taken dead. Paul, however, goes down, embraces him, and brings him back to life. Afterward, Paul continues talking with the disciples until daybreak.
  3. Farewell Address to the Ephesian Elders (Acts 20:17-38): Paul sails to Miletus and sends for the elders of the Ephesian church. In a touching farewell address, Paul recounts his ministry among them, emphasizing his diligence, humility, and the importance of caring for the church. He warns them about future challenges, urges them to be vigilant, and commends them to God's care. The elders are deeply moved, and they say their goodbyes with tears.
  4. Paul's Journey to Jerusalem (Acts 20:22-23:11): Paul, determined to reach Jerusalem, anticipates challenges and hardships. He is warned by the Holy Spirit about the difficulties he will face. Despite this, he continues his journey, and on the way, he is seized in the temple by Jews from Asia who stir up a crowd against him.