Acts 21



Acts 21 portrays Paul's journey to Jerusalem, his interactions with fellow believers who warn him about the dangers ahead, and the challenges he faces upon his arrival in Jerusalem, leading to his arrest and an opportunity to speak before the crowd.


  1. Arrival in Tyre and Ptolemais (Acts 21:1-7): Paul, on his way to Jerusalem, stops in Tyre and Ptolemais. In both places, he meets with local believers who urge him not to go to Jerusalem, warning him about the dangers that await him. Despite their pleas, Paul is determined to continue.
  2. Agabus' Prophecy in Caesarea (Acts 21:8-14): In Caesarea, the prophet Agabus foretells that Paul will face imprisonment and hardship in Jerusalem. The local believers, as well as Paul's companions, express their concern and implore him not to go. Paul, however, is resolved to go to Jerusalem, stating that he is ready to face imprisonment and even death for the name of the Lord Jesus.
  3. Paul's Arrival in Jerusalem (Acts 21:15-26): Paul arrives in Jerusalem and meets with James and the elders of the church. They inform him that there are many Jewish Christians who are zealous for the law and have heard rumors that Paul is teaching Jews to forsake Moses. To dispel these rumors and demonstrate his commitment to Jewish customs, Paul agrees to participate in a purification ritual at the temple.
  4. Paul Arrested in the Temple (Acts 21:27-36): When some Jews from Asia see Paul in the temple, they stir up a crowd against him, accusing him of bringing Gentiles into the restricted areas of the temple. The whole city is in an uproar, and Paul is seized by the crowd.
  5. Paul Speaks to the Crowd (Acts 21:37-22:29): Paul is allowed to address the crowd, and he speaks to them in Aramaic. He recounts his conversion on the road to Damascus, emphasizing his Jewish background. However, when he mentions his mission to the Gentiles, the crowd becomes hostile, and the Roman commander orders Paul to be brought into the barracks.