Acts 23



Acts 23 details Paul's appearance before the Sanhedrin, the plot against his life, and his subsequent transfer to Caesarea under Roman guard. The narrative continues to emphasize the challenges and dangers faced by Paul as he seeks to fulfill his mission and testify about Jesus.


  1. Paul before the Sanhedrin (Acts 23:1-10): Paul is brought before the Sanhedrin, the Jewish council, and begins his defense. He cleverly divides the Pharisees and Sadducees by proclaiming his belief in the resurrection, which aligns with Pharisaic theology. This causes a dispute among the council members, and the Roman commander, fearing for Paul's safety, orders soldiers to take him back to the barracks.
  2. The Plot to Kill Paul (Acts 23:11-22): The following night, the Lord appears to Paul and assures him that he will testify in Rome. Learning of a plot by more than forty Jews to kill Paul, Paul's nephew overhears the plan and informs the commander. Fearing for Paul's safety, the commander sends him, under heavy guard, to Caesarea to appear before Governor Felix.
  3. Paul Transferred to Caesarea (Acts 23:23-35): The Roman commander writes a letter to Governor Felix, explaining the situation and the charges against Paul. Paul is escorted to Caesarea with a letter from the commander to Felix. Upon receiving Paul, Felix agrees to hear his case after the arrival of the accusers.