Acts 25



Acts 25 portrays Paul's appearance before Festus, his appeal to Caesar, and the subsequent hearing before King Agrippa. The chapter underscores Paul's assertion of his rights as a Roman citizen and his unwavering commitment to proclaiming the message of Christ, even in the face of legal challenges.


  1. Paul before Festus (Acts 25:1-12): Festus succeeds Felix as the Roman governor. The Jewish leaders request that Paul be brought to Jerusalem for trial, intending to ambush and kill him en route. However, Paul appeals to Caesar, asserting his right as a Roman citizen to have his case heard by the emperor. Festus grants Paul's request, and he is to be sent to Caesar.
  2. Paul's Defense before Agrippa (Acts 25:13-27): King Agrippa and his sister Bernice visit Festus, and Festus discusses Paul's case with Agrippa. Agrippa expresses interest in hearing Paul, and a hearing is arranged. Paul presents his defense before Agrippa, recounting his life before and after his conversion, emphasizing his commitment to preaching about Jesus and the resurrection.