Acts 27



Acts 27 narrates the hazardous sea journey of Paul to Rome, emphasizing Paul's wisdom and faith during a tumultuous voyage and the divine intervention that ensures the safety of everyone on board, as foretold by an angelic message to Paul.



  1. Voyage to Rome Begins (Acts 27:1-12): Paul, along with other prisoners and soldiers, boards a ship headed for Italy. The centurion in charge, Julius, treats Paul kindly and allows him some freedom. They sail from port to port along the coast of Asia Minor, eventually reaching the port of Fair Havens on the island of Crete.
  2. Advice Ignored, Storm at Sea (Acts 27:13-26): As the voyage continues into the dangerous season, Paul warns the crew that it is not safe to proceed. However, the centurion and the ship's owner choose to disregard Paul's advice. A severe storm, called the "northeaster," strikes the ship, and it becomes uncontrollable. Fearful for their lives, the crew and passengers begin to jettison cargo and equipment to lighten the ship.
  3. Paul's Encouragement (Acts 27:27-44): Amid the storm, Paul receives a message from an angel, assuring him that everyone on the ship will survive, though the ship itself will be lost. Paul shares this message of hope with the crew, encouraging them to remain strong. When some sailors attempt to abandon the ship, Paul warns that their safety depends on staying on board. The ship eventually runs aground on Malta, and all on board make it safely to shore.