Acts 28



Acts 28 showcases Paul's resilience in the face of challenges, his continued ministry in Rome, and the fulfillment of his desire to preach the Gospel in the capital of the Roman Empire. The Book of Acts concludes with the acknowledgment that, despite his house arrest, Paul's ministry remains unhindered.


  1. Arrival in Malta (Acts 28:1-10): After the shipwreck, Paul and the others are welcomed by the inhabitants of Malta. Paul miraculously survives a snakebite, which leads the people to regard him as a god. Paul heals many sick people on the island, and the residents provide supplies for their onward journey.
  2. Journey to Rome (Acts 28:11-16): Paul and his companions eventually find a ship that takes them to Rome. In Rome, believers from the city come out to meet them, encouraged by Paul's presence. Paul is allowed to live by himself, with a soldier to guard him.
  3. Paul's Ministry in Rome (Acts 28:17-31): Paul calls together the Jewish leaders in Rome to explain his situation and share the Gospel with them. Some believe, while others do not. Paul continues to preach the kingdom of God and teach about Jesus for two years, even while under house arrest. His message reaches both Jews and Gentiles.
  4. Conclusion of Acts: The book concludes with a summary of Paul's time in Rome, highlighting his bold proclamation of the Gospel despite his imprisonment. The final verses emphasize that Paul welcomed all who came to him, continuing to preach about the Lord Jesus Christ with boldness and without hindrance.