Acts 3



This chapter continues to showcase the power of the apostles in the name of Jesus, leading to both miraculous healings and increased opposition from religious authorities. Peter uses these opportunities to proclaim the message of repentance and faith in Jesus, even in the face of opposition and threats.


  1. Healing at the Beautiful Gate (Acts 3:1-10): Peter and John go to the temple for the afternoon prayer. At the Beautiful Gate, they encounter a man lame from birth, asking for alms. Instead of giving money, Peter heals him in the name of Jesus Christ, and the man, previously unable to walk, leaps and praises God.
  2. Peter's Sermon in Solomon's Portico (Acts 3:11-26): The people are amazed at the healing, and Peter seizes the opportunity to preach about Jesus. He attributes the healing to faith in Jesus, whom the people had rejected and handed over to be crucified. Peter calls them to repentance, promising forgiveness and times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.