Acts 5



This chapter illustrates the seriousness of integrity and honesty within the early Christian community, the continued miracles performed by the apostles, and the escalating opposition from religious authorities. The apostles' unwavering commitment to preaching the gospel, even in the face of threats and persecution, becomes a central theme.


  1. Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11): Ananias and Sapphira, a married couple among the believers, sell a piece of property but dishonestly keep part of the proceeds for themselves while pretending to give the full amount to the apostles. When confronted by Peter, both Ananias and later his wife Sapphira separately lie about the amount. Each, in turn, falls dead as a result of their deception. Great fear comes upon the whole church and all who hear about these events.

  2. The Apostles' Miraculous Ministry (Acts 5:12-16): Despite the fear, the apostles continue to perform many signs and wonders among the people. Crowds gather, and the sick are brought out into the streets, hoping that Peter's shadow might fall on them and bring healing. The apostles' popularity and impact continue to grow.

  3. The Apostles Arrested and Freed (Acts 5:17-32): The high priest and the Sadducees become jealous of the apostles' popularity and arrest them. During the night, an angel of the Lord opens the prison doors, and the apostles are instructed to go to the temple and preach the words of life. They are brought before the council, where Peter boldly declares that they must obey God rather than men.

  4. Gamaliel's Advice (Acts 5:33-42): Gamaliel, a respected Pharisee, advises the council to be cautious in dealing with the apostles. He mentions previous uprisings that faded away and suggests that if the apostles' work is of human origin, it will fail, but if it is of God, they will not be able to stop it. The apostles are flogged, warned again not to speak in the name of Jesus, and then released. Despite the flogging, the apostles rejoice that they were counted worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus and continue to teach and preach.