Hebrews 6



Hebrews 6 balances a warning about the dangers of apostasy with a reassurance of God's faithfulness and the hope that believers have in Christ. The call to maturity is accompanied by a recognition of the readers' positive qualities, and the passage underscores the unchanging nature of God's promises as a source of encouragement and assurance for believers.


  1. Warning Against Falling Away (Hebrews 6:1-8): The author expresses a desire for the readers to move beyond the basics of faith and progress toward maturity. However, the warning is issued against falling away from the faith because, if they were to apostatize, it would be difficult to renew them to repentance. The passage uses the analogy of land that receives blessings or curses based on its productivity.
  2. God's Faithfulness and the Hope of Believers (Hebrews 6:9-20): The tone shifts to a more positive one, expressing confidence in the readers' spiritual growth. The author acknowledges their work and love and encourages them to continue serving God. The hope of believers is anchored in God's faithfulness and the promise He made to Abraham. God's promise is described as sure and unchangeable, providing a secure anchor for the soul.