John 12



This chapter captures significant moments in the life of Jesus, including acts of devotion, the public acknowledgment of his kingship, and his foretelling of his impending death. The themes of belief, unbelief, and the fulfillment of prophecy are prominent in John 12.


  1. Mary Anoints Jesus (John 12:1-8): Jesus visits the home of Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. Mary, Lazarus's sister, anoints Jesus' feet with expensive perfume, an act of deep love and devotion.

  2. The Plot Against Lazarus (John 12:9-11): The crowds, stirred by the miraculous resurrection of Lazarus, become interested in both Jesus and Lazarus. The religious authorities consider killing Lazarus because his presence is drawing people to Jesus.

  3. The Triumphal Entry (John 12:12-19): Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey, fulfilling the prophecy of the Messiah. The crowd welcomes him with palm branches, shouting "Hosanna," recognizing him as the King of Israel.

  4. Jesus Predicts His Death (John 12:20-36): Greeks seek to meet Jesus, and he responds by speaking about his impending death, comparing it to a grain of wheat falling to the ground to bear much fruit. Jesus foretells his crucifixion and encourages disciples to walk in the light while they have it.

  5. The Unbelief of the People (John 12:37-50): Despite witnessing many miracles, the people struggle to believe in Jesus. Isaiah's prophecy about their hearts being hardened is quoted, emphasizing the fulfillment of scripture. Jesus declares his words are from God, and he is the light of the world.