John 7



This chapter reveals the growing tension and division among the people regarding Jesus' identity. It also emphasizes Jesus' wisdom and authority, even in the face of opposition from religious authorities. The theme of the appointed time for Jesus' actions is reiterated, foreshadowing future events in the Gospel.


  1. Jesus and His Brothers (John 7:1-9): Jesus' brothers encourage him to go to the Festival of Tabernacles in Jerusalem to display his miracles openly. Jesus, however, decides to go later, as his time has not yet come.
  2. Teaching at the Feast (John 7:10-24): Jesus eventually goes to the festival and begins teaching in the temple. The people are amazed at his knowledge, and there is debate about his identity. Jesus defends the legitimacy of his teachings and addresses the issue of circumcision on the Sabbath.
  3. Division Among the People (John 7:25-44): The crowd is divided about whether Jesus is the Messiah. Some are confused about his origins, while others acknowledge his authority. The Pharisees send officers to arrest him, but they are unable to do so because of the power of Jesus' words.
  4. Rivers of Living Water (John 7:45-52): The officers report back to the Pharisees without arresting Jesus. Nicodemus, a Pharisee, suggests that they hear Jesus out before passing judgment. The Pharisees dismiss this idea, and each person goes to their own home.