Luke 9



Luke 9 highlights the authority and power of Jesus, his identity as the Christ, the challenges of discipleship, and the revelation of his divine glory in the Transfiguration. The chapter sets the stage for the unfolding events leading to Jesus' journey to Jerusalem and his ultimate sacrifice.


  1. Sending Out the Twelve (Luke 9:1-6): Jesus sends out the twelve apostles to proclaim the Kingdom of God, giving them authority to heal and cast out demons. They are instructed to rely on God's provision and hospitality.
  2. Herod's Confusion about Jesus (Luke 9:7-9): Herod Antipas, the ruler, hears about Jesus and is perplexed, thinking that John the Baptist, whom he had beheaded, has come back to life in the person of Jesus.
  3. Feeding the Five Thousand (Luke 9:10-17): Jesus feeds a multitude of about five thousand men, plus women and children, with five loaves of bread and two fish, emphasizing the theme of God's abundant provision.
  4. Peter's Confession of Christ (Luke 9:18-20): Jesus asks his disciples about his identity, and Peter confesses that Jesus is the Christ of God. However, Jesus instructs them not to tell anyone yet.
  5. Jesus Predicts His Death (Luke 9:21-27): Jesus foretells his impending suffering, death, and resurrection. He emphasizes the cost of discipleship, calling on followers to take up their cross daily.
  6. The Transfiguration (Luke 9:28-36): Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up a mountain, where he is transfigured, and Moses and Elijah appear, talking with him. A voice from a cloud declares Jesus as God's chosen Son.
  7. Healing a Demon-Possessed Boy (Luke 9:37-43): A man brings his son, possessed by a demon, to the disciples for healing. When they are unable to help, Jesus rebukes the demon and heals the boy.
  8. Jesus Again Predicts His Death (Luke 9:44-45): Jesus reiterates his coming death, but the disciples struggle to understand and are afraid to ask for clarification.
  9. True Greatness and Rejection (Luke 9:46-62): Jesus teaches about true greatness, welcoming children, and the cost of following him. He encounters people with various responses, including those who want to follow him but have reservations.





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