Mark 14



Mark 14 covers the plot to kill Jesus, the anointing at Bethany, Judas' agreement to betray Jesus, the Last Supper, Jesus' prediction of Peter's denial, the Gethsemane prayer and arrest, Jesus before the Sanhedrin, and Peter's denial. These events set the stage for Jesus' trial and crucifixion.


  1. Plot to Kill Jesus (Mark 14:1-2): The religious leaders conspire to arrest and kill Jesus, seeking an opportunity to do so without causing a public uproar.

  2. Anointing at Bethany (Mark 14:3-9): A woman anoints Jesus with expensive perfume at the home of Simon the leper. Some criticize the act, but Jesus commends her, stating it is in preparation for his burial.

  3. Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus (Mark 14:10-11): Judas Iscariot, one of the disciples, agrees to betray Jesus to the religious authorities for thirty pieces of silver.

  4. Preparations for the Passover (Mark 14:12-16): Jesus instructs his disciples to prepare for the Passover meal, revealing that one of them will betray him.

  5. The Last Supper (Mark 14:17-26): Jesus shares the Passover meal with his disciples, instituting the Lord's Supper. He foretells his betrayal, and Judas leaves to betray him.

  6. Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial (Mark 14:27-31): Jesus foretells Peter's denial, but Peter insists he will remain loyal.

  7. Gethsemane Prayer and Arrest (Mark 14:32-52): Jesus prays in Gethsemane, asking God to let the cup pass if possible. He is arrested, and his disciples scatter. Peter later denies knowing Jesus.

  8. Jesus Before the Sanhedrin (Mark 14:53-65): Jesus is brought before the Sanhedrin, where false witnesses testify against him. The high priest asks if he is the Messiah, and Jesus affirms his divine identity.

  9. Peter's Denial (Mark 14:66-72): Peter denies Jesus three times, fulfilling Jesus' earlier prediction. He realizes this as a rooster crows.