Mark 9



Mark 9 highlights key events such as the Transfiguration, the healing of a demon-possessed boy, Jesus' prediction of his death and resurrection, teachings on humility, warnings about stumbling blocks and sin, and metaphors about salt and seasoning.


  1. Transfiguration of Jesus (Mark 9:2-13): Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up a high mountain, where he is transfigured before them. His clothes become dazzling white, and Moses and Elijah appear, representing the law and the prophets. A voice from a cloud declares Jesus as God's Son.

  2. Healing of a Demon-Possessed Boy (Mark 9:14-29): A man brings his son, who is possessed by a mute spirit, to Jesus' disciples for healing. The disciples are unable to cast out the demon, but Jesus rebukes the unclean spirit and heals the boy, emphasizing the importance of faith.

  3. Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection (Mark 9:30-32): Jesus tells his disciples that he will be betrayed, killed, and rise again after three days. However, the disciples do not fully understand and are afraid to ask for clarification.

  4. The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven (Mark 9:33-37): The disciples argue about who is the greatest among them. Jesus teaches them that the one who serves others with humility is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

  5. Warnings about Stumbling Blocks (Mark 9:38-50): Jesus warns against causing others to stumble and emphasizes the seriousness of sin. He uses strong language, such as cutting off a hand or foot if it causes stumbling, to illustrate the importance of avoiding sin.

  6. Salt and Seasoning (Mark 9:49-50): Jesus uses the metaphor of salt, encouraging his followers to have salt in themselves and be at peace with one another. This suggests the importance of maintaining a preserving and purifying influence in the world.