Matthew 14



Matthew 14 depicts the tragic death of John the Baptist, the miraculous feeding of the five thousand, Jesus walking on water, and his healing ministry in Gennesaret. These events highlight Jesus' compassion, power over nature, and authority over life and death.


  1. Death of John the Baptist (Matthew 14:1-12): Herod Antipas, the ruler of Galilee, orders the execution of John the Baptist due to a rash promise made at his birthday celebration. John is beheaded in prison, and his disciples bury his body.

  2. Feeding of the Five Thousand (Matthew 14:13-21): Jesus withdraws to a desolate place, but a large crowd follows him. Moved by compassion, Jesus heals the sick among them and miraculously feeds five thousand men (plus women and children) with five loaves and two fish.

  3. Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14:22-33): After dismissing the crowd, Jesus sends his disciples across the Sea of Galilee in a boat. During the night, he walks on the water towards them. Peter, upon Jesus' invitation, also walks on the water but begins to sink due to doubt. Jesus rescues him, and they both get into the boat.

  4. Healing in Gennesaret (Matthew 14:34-36): Upon reaching the other side of the sea, Jesus and his disciples arrive in Gennesaret, where people recognize him and bring the sick to be healed by touching the fringe of his garment.