Matthew 19



Matthew 19 addresses topics like marriage, divorce, wealth, and the nature of discipleship. It underscores the importance of humility, childlike faith, and sacrificial love in the context of the Kingdom of Heaven.


  1. Teaching on Marriage and Divorce (Matthew 19:1-12): The Pharisees question Jesus about the permissibility of divorce, testing him. Jesus responds by emphasizing the sacredness of marriage, stating that what God has joined together, humans should not separate. He acknowledges an exception for marital unfaithfulness and highlights the value of celibacy for those who can accept it.

  2. Jesus Blesses the Children (Matthew 19:13-15): People bring children to Jesus for his blessing, but the disciples try to prevent them. Jesus rebukes the disciples, welcoming the children and stating that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are childlike in their faith.

  3. The Rich Young Man (Matthew 19:16-30): A rich young man asks Jesus about eternal life. Jesus tells him to sell his possessions, give to the poor, and follow him. The man is sorrowful because of his great wealth. Jesus comments on the difficulty for the rich to enter the Kingdom and emphasizes the rewards for those who sacrifice for his sake.