Romans 15



Romans 15 emphasizes the principles of unity, consideration for others, and the inclusive nature of the Gospel. Paul encourages believers to follow Christ's example of selflessness and to live in harmony with one another. Additionally, he shares his missionary zeal, illustrating the importance of spreading the Gospel to those who have not heard.


  1. Consideration for Others (Romans 15:1-7): Paul urges the strong in faith to bear with the failings of the weak, emphasizing the importance of building up one another. He reminds believers that Christ exemplified selflessness, seeking to please others rather than Himself. Unity and harmony in the body of Christ are paramount.

  2. Gentile Inclusion and Praise (Romans 15:8-13): Paul underscores the inclusive nature of Christ's mission, reaching out not only to the Jews but also to the Gentiles. He quotes Old Testament passages to emphasize the Gentiles' inclusion in the worship of God. The chapter includes a prayer for hope, joy, and peace for believers through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Paul's Missionary Zeal (Romans 15:14-33): Paul discusses his apostolic mission, particularly to the Gentiles. He expresses his confidence in the Roman believers' goodness and ability to instruct one another. Paul shares his desire to visit Rome, seeks their prayers for his journey to Jerusalem, and expresses his plans to visit them on his way to Spain. His missionary work is characterized by a desire to preach the Gospel where Christ is not known.